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Travel Guard

  • Flexible - There are five plans available under the Single Trip policies which are Silver,Silver Plus, Gold, Platinum and Senior Plan. There are also two options under an Annual Multi Trip program where a traveller can buy an Annual Multi Trip Gold and Platinum Plans
  • Travel Guard Assist : Emergency Assistance, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation across the Globe
  • Renewable for life (For annual Multi Trip only).
  • 15 days Free Look period (For the new business under annual multi trip only)
  • 30 days Grace Period (For renewals annual multi trip only)
  • Sum Insured Enhancement – Sum Insured can be enhanced only at the time of renewal. However the quantum of increase shall be as per underwriting guidelines of the company, (for renewals under Annual multitrip only).
  • Changes will be notified to the policyholders 3 months in advance in case of revision /modification in approved product ( For annual multi trip only).
  • Likelihood of withdrawal of the product will be notified to the policy holders 3 months prior to the expiry of the policy and option would be given to migrate to similar travel insurance policy



Travel Guard

Travel in peace anywhere in the world. Travel with Travel Guard.

While you have meticulously planned every aspect of an international trip, there are still chances of things going awry due to events beyond your control. You could fall ill, lose your passport, have a flight delay and so on. For a complete bailout from such unnerving foreign travel experiences you need Travel Guard. It takes one single phone call and our worldwide network will offer that complete care away from home.

Travel Guard is an international travel insurance policy by Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited that covers you against all mishaps during your overseas travel.
What are the key features of Travel Guard?
Coverage of Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses:
  • Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses: Travel Guard takes care of your medical expenses due to accident and sickness while traveling so that you can concentrate on better things like enjoying the holiday.
  • Checked Baggage Loss: The maximum amount to be reimbursed per bag is 50%, and the maximum value per article contained in any bag is 10%, of the amount stated in the Policy Schedule.
  • Baggage delay:Compensation for reasonable expenses incurred for purchase of emergency personal effects due to delay in arrival of checked in baggage, whilst overseas.
  • Loss of Passport: Compensation for expenses incurred in obtaining a duplicate or new passport.
  • Personal Liability: Compensation for damages to be paid to a third party, resulting from death, bodily injury or damage to property; caused involuntarily by the insured.
  • Hijacking: In an unfortunate event of your common carrier in which you are traveling; being hijacked, this product will pay a distress allowance to you.
  • Flight Delay:Reimbursement of additional expenses occurred due to trip delay (only if the trip has been delayed for more than 12 hours).
  • Automatic-extension of the policy: Travel Guard allows you to extend your policy upto a period of 7 days from the policy expiry date.
  • Accidental Death And Dismemberment: Travel Guard gives you worldwide coverage against Accidental Death and Dismemberment while you're abroad anywhere in the world.
  • Sickness Dental Expense: The policy pays for immediate Dental Treatment occurring due to sudden acute pain during the course of an overseas Insured Journey. Dental benefits will be provided for Medically Necessary filling of the tooth or surgical treatment, services, or supplies.
Our Round the Clock Assistance
The Assistance Services include Medical Assistance and Non Medical Assistance:
Non Medical Assistance includes:
  1. Lost Luggage or Lost Passport: If You, outside India, notify the Assistance Company that Your luggage or passport has been lost, the Assistance Company will endeavor to assist You by contacting the appropriate authorities involved and providing direction for replacement.
  2. General Assistance: The Assistance Company will serve as a central point for translation and communication for You during emergencies. The Assistance Company agrees to provide to You advice on contacting and using services available from consulates, government agencies, translators and other service providers that can help with travel problems. In addition, the Assistance Company will provide insurance coordination, verifying coverage of You, guaranteeing payment to the medical provider, based on confirmation of benefits, a charge to credit card(s) and coordinating the payments, documentation and translation to ease claim filing when You return to India.
  3. Pre-Departure Services: Prior to Your departure, upon request the Assistance Company will provide hazard information about foreign locations, information about immunization requirements and passport or visa requirements, general information about weather and State Department and private service warnings about travel to certain locations. The Assistance Company will also arrange for special medical care en-route (i.e. dialysis, wheelchairs, etc.). Subject to receiving reasonable notice of this request.
  4. Emergency Travel Agency: The Assistance Company agrees to provide You with 24 hour travel agency service for airline and hotel reservations. The Assistance Company will also arrange payment for Your airline tickets and other travel services, using Your credit cards. Prepaid ticket pickup at airline counters or ticket delivery by mail or courier will also be arranged by the Assistance Company for You.
  5. Emergency Cash Transfers and Advances: The Assistance Company will arrange for cash payments, to You, through a variety of sources, including credit cards, hotels, banks, consulates and Western Union. The Assistance Company provides this service to supplement the facilities of Your credit cards. Credit card transactions performed by the Assistance Company are subject to confirmed credit.
  6. Legal Assistance: If You are arrested or are in danger of being arrested as the result of any non-criminal action resulting from responsibilities attributed to You, Assistance Company will, if required, provide You with the name of an attorney who can represent You in any necessary legal matters.
  1. Medical Assistance: As soon as the Assistance Company is notified of a medical emergency resulting from Your Accident or Sickness, the Assistance Company will contact the medical facility or location where You are located and confer with the Physician at that location to determine the best course of action to be taken. If possible and if appropriate, Your family Physician will be contacted to help arrive at a decision as to the best course of action to be taken. The Assistance Company will then organize a response to the medical emergency, doing whatever is appropriate, including, but not limited to, recommending or securing the availability of services of a local Physician and arranging Hospital confinement of You where, in its discretion, deems such confinement appropriate.
  2. Medical Evacuation: When, in the opinion of the Assistance Company's medical panel, it is judged medically appropriate to move You to another location for treatment or return You to India, the Assistance Company will arrange the evacuation, utilizing the means best suited to do so, based on the medical evaluation of the seriousness of Your condition, and these means may include air ambulance, surface ambulance, regular airplane, railroad or other appropriate means. All decisions as to the means of transportation and final destination will be made by the Assistance Company.
  3. Repatriation: The Assistance Company agrees to make the necessary arrangements for the return of Your remains to India in the event You die while this policy is in effect as to You.
Who is this insurance suitable for?
Any resident Indian between the age of 6 months and upto life can take this insurance for travel abroad on business or leisure. This is available as - Including America policy and Excluding Americas.
What is not covered under Travel Guard?
You are not covered if any expenses incurred directly or indirectly in respect of: Traveling against the advice of the physician; for obtaining treatment; pre-existing ailments & complications arising out of them; Suicide or attempted suicide; war; terrorism; illegal acts; dangerous sports etc.
For list of complete detailed exclusions, please refer policy wordings.
How can I register a Claim?
  • Call us at our India Toll Free No 1800 266 7780 / 1800 22 9966 (Only for Senior Citizens)
  • You may also call at these local helpline numbers in your respective cities from any other line: Mumbai - 66939500 ; Delhi - 66603500 ; Bangalore - 66500001 ; Pune - 66014156 ; Chennai - 66841050 ; Hyderabad - 66629882 ; Ahmedabad - 66610201
  • Email: customersupport@tata-aig.com

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