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Successful people like you need more than insurance policies. Tata AIG Private Client Group (PCG) specializes in providing insurance cover for the personal assets like the high valued vehicles of the High Net worth Individuals.
Key Features
  • Protect your vehicle against loss or damages that may occur anywhere in India
  • Comprehensive insurance including third party liability
  • Extra protection through our 8 unique add on covers
  • Benefit from our Concierge level claims service
  • All your vehicles under one renewal date
Concierge Level Claims Service
Whenever you need us, our dedicated claims professionals ensure that you receive the utmost attention and expert care. We pride ourselves on offering unprecedented flexibility, choice and support when you need it most, and we respond to all new losses on the same day of report.
Benefit from our new and unique Add On Covers
  • Depreciation Reimbursement: Ensures you receive full claim payment without any deduction for wear and tear in relation to replaced parts. This cover is available for vehicles up to 3 years old subject to a maximum of 2 claims per policy period
  • Daily Allowance: Pays you a fixed sum towards a hired vehicle while your car is under repair, has been stolen or has suffered a total loss. This cover is available for a maximum of 10 days for repair or 15 days in the case of a total loss/theft. The repair time must exceed 3 days for the cover to apply.
  • Return to Invoice: Pays you the difference between the claim amount receivable under the policy and the purchase price of vehicle as per invoice in the event of a Total Loss including the first time registration charges and road tax incurred by you on the insured Vehicle. This cover is available for vehicles up to 3 years old. The cover pays the current price or the invoice value whichever is lesser.
  • No Claim Bonus Protection: If your Bonus accumulation is 25% or more and you have no claims history for the preceding 2 years you can protect your No Claim Bonus for one own damage claim during the period of insurance
  • Repair of glass, fiber, plastic   rubber parts: You will not loose your No Claim Bonus if you choose to repair rather than replace Glass/ plastic/ rubber/ or fiber parts
  • Loss of personal belongings: Covers your personal belongings in the vehicle at the time of loss or damage to that vehicle. Subject to a policy excess of Rs 250
  • Emergency transport and hotel expenses: Pays you the cost of an overnight stay and taxi charges for returning back to the place of residence or the nearest city of travel, if your vehicle becomes immobile due to an accident. A maximum of Rs.25000/- for any one accident and Rs.50000/- is payable in total during the period of insurance.
  • Key replacement: Covers the cost of replacing your vehicle keys where your keys are lost or stolen and where the vehicle has been broken in to. The expenses incurred to replace keys of vehicles that are not owned for personal use are excluded.
Right of cancellation
You may cancel this Policy by giving us 7 days written notice and send it to the communication address mentioned below. We shall then refund a portion of the premium on Short Period Rates for the remaining Period of Insurance except where a claim on this Policy has been made.

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited
A - 501, 5th Floor, Building No 4
Infinity Park, Dindoshi,
Malad East, Mumbai 400097
Direct Number + 91 22 6693 3752
Email :
Right to complain
While every effort is made to ensure you receive a high standard of service. If you are not satisfied with the services you have received, you can communicate with us at the contact information given below:

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited
A - 501, 5th Floor, Building No 4
Infinity Park, Dindoshi,
Malad East, Mumbai 400097
Direct Number + 91 22 6693 3752
Email :
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