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At Tata AIG Private Client Group, we design bespoke and all–inclusive insurance policies that provide protection if the worst does happen. Because we carefully appraise all our clients’ risks, we also recommend specific courses of action to safeguard them, greatly reducing, in the first instance the likelihood of loss.
  • Client centric coverage: We acknowledge individuality in insurance needs and we design policies that provide cover appropriate to each task. These can accommodate all of your residential, contents, motor and travel insurance requirements across the globe, affording you the ease of one renewal date and one payment.
  • Detailed property appraisals: Our experts will ensure that your buildings are protected fully, whilst they will also give advice in respect to the appropriate level of cover for your contents and collections. This ensures that we minimize the risks and therefore save your time and money and, at the same time, provide the financial protection and service that you need.
  • Concierge level claims service: Should you need to make a claim, we will assign you a dedicated claims manager to personally administer the process on your behalf. And if a particular valuable item is damaged, we can arrange for it to be restored to its original condition by one of our chosen restorers, or by your preferred specialists.
Making A Claim: You can notify a Claim on our 27x7x365 helpline +91 66933752
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