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Contractors All Risks / Erection All Risks
Contractor All Risk (CAR) and Erection All Risk (EAR) Insurance is designed to cover the myriad of risks, construction projects can encounter from project conception onwards. The coverage can also be extended to include various add - on covers available under these tariffed policies.
Key Policies:
  • Contractor's All Risks Policy
  • Erection All Risks Policy
  • Advance Loss of Profits , together with one of the above
Contractors All Risks Policy
The Contractors All Risks Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for all types of civil construction risks.
  • The coverage for physical loss or damage to property is on an "All Risks" basis, i.e. the policy insures against damage to property in the course of construction by all sudden, accidental and unforeseen causes other than specified excluded perils.
  • This cover includes works brought on to the site for the purposes of the contract as well as temporary works erected or constructed on-site.
  • Various add-on covers are available as per customer's requirement
Erection All Risks Policy
Erection All Risks (EAR) insurance offers protection to principal and contractors and also to manufacturers and suppliers erecting machinery and plant etc. against financial loss due to any sudden fortuitous and unforeseen causes resulting in loss or damage to the property insured at the project site whilst being stored, erected, tested and commissioned.
  • Erection All Risks Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for plant and machinery construction risks.
  • This policy can be extended to include third party liability related to work conducted on the contract site.
  • Various add-on covers are available as per customer's requirement
Advanced Loss of Profits (ALOP) Insurance
ALOP Insurance provides indemnification to the Principal or Owner of a project for the actual financial loss sustained due to a delay in completion of the insured’s works.
This Insurance covers Loss of gross profit due to reduction in turnover And / OR Increase in cost of working due to "Delay" caused by insured accidents.

Indemnification under this policy would be made only if this delay has been caused by physical loss or damage covered under the CAR / EAR policy.
Please refer policy wordings for complete list of detailed exclusions.

Disclaimer: The actual benefits available are as described in the policy, and will be subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions. Please seek the advice of your insurance advisor/ contact our branch if you require any further information or clarification.
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