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Boiler and Machinery
Equipment breakdown has the potential to stop business activities, with serious consequences to company's bottom line. Boiler & machinery coverage, often referred to as Machinery Breakdown Insurance offers protection against these types of losses. The coverage is available on a stand-alone basis to cover Electrical and Mechanical breakdown, Breakdown risk for Electronic equipments and explosion / collapse, risk for Boiler/ Pressure vessels.

Covered equipment can include, but is not limited to: Gas and Steam Turbines; Engines, Pumps and Compressors; Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers; Switchboards and other electrical apparatus; Refrigeration and Air conditioning equipments; Computers / servers / Printers; Steam Boilers & Pressure vessels
Key Features
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Boiler & Pressure Plant
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Machinery Loss Of Profits
Machinery Breakdown Insurance
Coverage: This policy covers for
  • physical loss or damage to machinery and equipment against unforeseen and sudden physical loss of, or
  • damage to the insured items, necessitating their repair or replacement, other than specified excluded perils.
Cover is valid during the time the machinery is in operation or rest or in the process of dismantling, overhauling or during subsequent re-erection at the same premises.
Various add-on covers can be taken by the clients as per their protection needs.
Boiler & Pressure Plant Insurance
The Boiler and Pressure Plant Insurance policy provides coverage for all types of boilers and / or other pressure plants.
Coverage: This policy covers
  • Sudden / accidental explosion and collapse risks to insured boilers / pressure plants.
  • Insured's own surrounding property and third party liability, arising out of a sudden and unforeseen physical loss of, or damage due to explosion or collapse of the boiler and / or pressure plant.
Electronic Equipment Insurance
The Electronic Equipment Insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage for electronic equipment.
Coverage: This policy covers
  • Accidental and unforeseen physical loss or damage to electronic equipments and data media.
  • This policy can be extended to include additional costs the insured shall incur to ensure continued data processing on substitute equipment if such costs arise as an unavoidable consequence, of an indemnify-able loss or damage, during the period of insurance, to property insured under the material damage section of the policy.
Contractor's Plant & Machinery
The Contractor’s Plant & machinery policy covers all the construction machinery or equipments being used at a construction site against any unforeseen and sudden physical loss of, or damage to the insured items, necessitating their repair or replacement, other than specified excluded perils.
Machinery Loss of Profits
This policy covers consequential losses arising out of unforeseen accidental physical loss or damage to machinery/boiler. The concerned machinery, boiler however, should be covered under a machinery breakdown / boiler explosion policy and the admission of a claim under the material damage policy is a prerequisite for admission of a claim under the loss of profits policy.
The coverage includes indemnity during business interruption arising from:
  • Reduction in turnover
  • Increase in cost of working
Please refer policy wordings for complete list of detailed exclusions.

Disclaimer: The actual benefits available are as described in the policy, and will be subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions. Please seek the advice of your insurance advisor/ contact our branch if you require any further information or clarification.


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