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Product Liability Insurance
Product Liability Insurance indemnifies the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer against third party bodily injury/ property damage liability arising out of the use or consumption of product manufactured, sold, handled, distributed or disposed of by you.
Why Tata AIG?
Tata AIG's public liability coverage option gives you the freedom to choose between:
  • Duty to Defend and Reimbursement Type Wordings
  • Flexibility in giving Internationally accepted Occurrence based wordings or traditional claims made format
  • Worldwide territory and jurisdiction for global exports
  • Defense Costs in addition and Defense Costs Inclusive covers
  • Flexibility to add your buyer / reseller as Additional Insured / Named Vendor under scope of the policy
What does this insurance cover?
Product Liability Insurance indemnifies the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer against third party liability arising out of the sale of products by the manufacturer.
  • A defect in the product, which has been used by the consumer
  • A defect in the packaging, which has compromised the safety of the product
  • Inappropriate usage of the product by the consumer due to absence of/ or wrong labels indicating usage precautions / warnings and Warranties or representations made at any time with respect to the fitness, quality, durability or performance or use of "your product"
Who should buy?
All Manufacturing units and all those in the chain of supply whether in the wholesale or retail trade, Loan License and Contract Manufacturers, On-behalf Producers as also those on the marketing or the branding side, have Product Liability exposures and therefore the target market for this class of business is enormous. Also we intend to be of service to the large Indian Exporting Community who may be contractually bound to effect Product Liability Insurance.
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