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Pollution Legal Liability Insurance
Activities of companies in the field of chemicals, petrochemicals, energy and construction are increasingly being scrutinized and where required challenged by regulators, non-governmental organizations, stake-holder groups and media where they cause damage to the environment. In recent years public interest has turned into coercive legal obligations to ensure environmentally sound practices by businesses, and redress any failure on their part to protect the environment.
Do traditional insurance policies cover organizations against such risks? The answer is ‘No’.
Why Tata AIG?
Currently the public liability policies only cover liability to third parties for bodily injury and property damage. Such policies come with pollution exclusion. The pollution exclusion in these policies means that this risk is either totally excluded from the cover, or covered by the policy to a limited extent. Only pollution that has resulted from a sudden and accidental event is covered. Further, only legal liability to a 3rd party arising out of pollution is covered.
Realizing this gap in coverage, which can financially cripple an organization that suffers a pollution related loss, Tata AIG has brought to Indian industry a comprehensive, one of its kind solution, Tata AIG Pollution Legal Liability Insurance.
What are the key features of Tata AIG Pollution Legal Liability Insurance?
  • It makes no distinction between sudden and gradual events causing pollution.
  • It provides 3rd party coverage for bodily injury and property damage.
  • It also provides 1st party coverage for on-site clean up costs.
Not only does the policy cover pollution that happens after the policy comes into force, you can also cover pre-existing conditions i.e. pollution that has happened prior to the policy continuity date and is discovered much later say, during the policy period or subsequent renewals.
Finally, the policy covers on-site pollution i.e. pollution on or under the insured property. The cover can also be extended to off-site pollution i.e. pollution that has migrated beyond the boundary of the insured property.
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