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Protect your business with the world’s favourite policy - Accepted the world over as a policy providing seamless protection, Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy covers third party liabilities arising from various business operations, be it premises, products and completed operations, advertising and personal injury, or even supplementary payments.
What is unique about Tata AIG Commercial General Liability?
Commercial General Liability has a definite edge over traditional claims-made liability policies and is also the world’s favourite liability policy mainly because of its key features:
  • A duty-to-defend policy providing unmatched claims handling ability
  • Flexibility in giving internationally accepted occurrence-based or traditional claims-made format
  • Worldwide jurisdiction may be made available for your company if you have multinational operations*
  • Global Master Control Programmes for the discerning Indian Multinational - When you transcend geographical boundaries, Tata AIG can help you design worldwide liability programmes with central control over locally admitted policies wherever required or an unmatched Umbrella shield that grants both Excess and Difference-in-Conditions coverage.
Coverage offered
Unique Policy - 3 Coverage in 1.
With a broad-based wording that has withstood scrutiny in the most litigious jurisdictions of the world, Comprehensive General Liability provides comprehensive protection against:
  • Coverage A – Bodily injury and Property Damage
  • Coverage B – Personal and Advertising injury
  • Coverage C – Medical Expenses
Who is it suitable for?
A necessary policy for…
  • Indian companies who have global operations or have contracts with international partners/associates
  • Foreign companies operating in India
  • Exporting companies who would prefer claims handling abilities in all major jurisdictions.
  • Companies who are contractually bound to carry occurrence-based liability covers
* Payment of claims in foreign exchange subject to RBU approval.
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