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Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited Rural Insurance

Rural India is often faced with risks linked to lifestyle of people living there. There is a growing need for the Rural mass to be educated on insurance solutions that will help them take care of the risks be it their automobiles, health, property or livestock.

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited offers a variety of Rural Insurance products covering risks of this nature.

What is unique about Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited Rural Insurance?

  • 84 sales offices across the country covering all major cities of India
  • Network of affinity partners, brokers & over 2250 dedicated agents to service customers
  • Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited Firsts- Benchmarks of general insurance sector:
    • Mobile claims service
    • Toll Free Helpline service
    • Settled over 500,000 claims
    • Claims registration & policy renewals by SMS
    • Direct payment to garages for auto insurance
    • Web-based instant policy issuance
Our cattle insurance program for IKP project in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh - which was a case study by itself - was well appreciated by World Bank and was a discussion forum topic at the World Bank Workshop on "Access to Insurance for the Poor," at Rio de Janeiro, in May, 2007

What are the benefits of Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited Rural    Insurance?

  • Standardization of services up to the last mile
  • Proper risk management and better portfolio management which is fundamental to a successful & sustainable insurance program
  • Independent claims processing team to process valid claims promptly on submission of relevant claim documents
  • Our hi-tech risk management expertise will help reduce premium rates in the long run, much to the benefit of the customer
  • Quick product development in line with market needs
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