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Personal Extended Protection Policy (PEPP)
As lifestyles change with time and age, individual needs evolve too. Just look at your lifestyle and you’ll notice how your needs have changed too. Shopping, new purchases, credit and debit cards, new cars, foreign travel and short holidays are an integral part of every successful lifestyle. Products and services that were non-existent a decade ago have now become our lifelines. At Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited, we realize this need for protection solutions that help you secure and let you enjoy your changing lifestyle needs.
Presenting PEPP, a range of 10 innovative, new-age insurance solutions that are designed for today’s lifestyle, to help you live worry free at all stages of your life. From credit card fraud protection to cover for your stolen wallet and much more, these products take care of your daily worries.
We classify these 10 products into three broad categories on the basis of the broad area of coverage:

Card Insurance
Personal Identity Protection
  • Identity Theft Cover
  • Fraudulent Charges Cover
  • ATM Assault and Robbery
  • Lost Wallet
Personal Travel Protection Insurance
Personal Travel Protection
  • Home Protection While You Are Away Cover.
  • Personal Trip Effects Cover.
  • Personal Trip Liability
Product Protection Insurance
Personal Credit Card Protection
  • Price Protection Cover
  • Purchase Protection Cover
  • Key Replacement Cover
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