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At Tata AIG we constantly strive to keep our clients informed about technical aspects relating to Marine Insurance.

Your goods are as good as the carrier you select; hence, do not compromise on this selection for making a small saving on your freight bills.

Here are a few tips that will help you select the right carrier:
  • Age of the vessel should not exceed 20 years for bulk and heavy cargoes and 25 years for general and containerized cargoes.
  • Anything beyond these age limits would not only jeopardize your cargoes but be liable for additional premium.
  • Vessel should be 'Classed' by one of the approved Classification Societies. Classification ensures physical seaworthiness of the vessel based on regular inspection by the approved societies.
  • Vessel should be entered into one of the reputable P&I Clubs. This will ensure financial stability of the ship owners and / or charterers.
  • Liners are vessels which ply on regular advertised time schedules and routes. Liners are a better risk than tramps.
  • Register yourself on and check on the complete details of the vessels. This is a free site.
  • Tata AIG assists their customers by arranging for cleanliness, sea and cargo worthiness surveys, giving immense comfort to its clients.
 Tata AIG The Marine Specialist
Tata AIG is the only Insurer in the market, having a dedicated team of marine underwriters in all branches of the company; experts who understand your business and provide you with customized solutions at most competitive rates.
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