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We at Tata AIG are committed to "Continuous Learning". We believe that the best way to stay competitive is to share intelligence across the organisation, and to foster learning around the changing demands of the marketplace.

We give our employees the ability to take responsibility of their development, providing them with the tools to chart their own career path. We help our employee's to enhance their knowledge and skills and further acquire expertise in the General Insurance Services. Here learning begins as soon as an employee comes onboard. The new-hire experience is a 2 day program called, "WIN" - Welcome & Induction of new employees, followed by a Buddy Program to ensure smooth handholding.

Tata AIG also offers a variety of programs ranging from Functional Programs to make them experts in their respective domain to Talent Acceleration Programs to improve their soft skills and leadership skills to help you grow as ‘Leader of People’ of tomorrow. The Leadership Academy helps to accelerate careers of high performers allowing them to advance their career rapidly while working on important projects and building leadership skills for their future. With the help of the Academy our people are able to access clearly defined competencies for their level, gain an understanding of their own skill gaps, and create an individual development plan in collaboration with the Learning & Development team.

Through our programs we commit to bring future value to your job. At the heart of our dynamic culture is an investment in learning. Our employees are both expected and encouraged to fulfill training that helps them navigate a more competitive marketplace, learn domain expertise, develop skills and comply with the Company's integrity and citizenship initiatives.

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